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CA Foundation

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Earlier known as CPT (Common Proficiency Test) was the level of Chartered Accountancy Examination in India which has been changed to CA Foundation according to ICAI Revised Scheme.

About the subject of CPT

  • There are four subjects in CPT syllabus
    • Objectives
      • Fundamentals of Accounting (60 marks)
      • Margential Law (40 marks)
      • General Economics (50 marks)
      • Quantitative Aptitude (50 marks)

Now CA/CPT is known as CA Foundation

  • Subjects in CA Foundation
    • Principles and practice of Accounting (100 marks)
    • Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Recording
      • Section-A; Business LAws (60 marks)
      • Section-B; Business Correspondence and Accounting (40 marks)
    • Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
      • Part-A; Business Mathematics (40 marks)
      • Part-B; Logical Reasoning (20 marks)
      • Part-C; Statistics (40 marks)
    • Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
      • Part-A; Business Mathematics (60 marks)
      • Part-B; Business and Commercials knowledge (40 marks)

Paper-1 and Paper-2 will be subjective type papers


Paper-3 and Paper-4 will be objective papers


Group-1 Paper

  1. Accounting (100 marks)
  2. Business Law, Ethics and Communication (100 marks)
    1. Business Law (60 marks)
    2. Ethics (20 marks)
    3. Communication (20 marks)
  3. Cost Accounting and Financial Management
    1. Part-1 Cost Accounting (50 marks)
    2. Part-2 Financial Management (50 marks)
  4. Taxation (100 marks)


Paper-5 Advanced Accounting (100 marks)

Paper-6 Auditing and Assurance (100 marks)

Paper-7 Information Technology (50 marks)

           Strategic Management (50 marks)