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With an innate experience in the field of accounting and taxation, founder and teacher CA Prince Kathuria established this educational endeavor to assist aspiring CA and CS professionals.

Education has always been our top priority with our institution hosting a gathering of the highest no. of students in the whole of NCR. Our primary motive is to pave an effortless path for budding accounting and tax professionals by bridging the gap between the students and their professors.











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Experienced Faculty


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Offering best-in-class educational solutions

While others tried to reach for the stars, we decided to perfect our educational strategies so that we could reinforce a comfortable environment where learning is made not only easy but fun too.

  • Supportive Staff ready to aid you whenever you face a hurdle
  • Notes available in convenient formats such as handwritten, formula or conceptual books and easy summaries
  • LMR (last minute revision) facility to help you with your final revision right before the exam
  • Regular follow up through test series in different convenient formats (chapter wise test, half syllabus test, full syllabus test)
  • Regular doubt classes with our in-house faculty

Advanced Strategies for the Proactive youth of Today

The world is moving at a fast pace with every single person tied down by a compact schedule. It would be a shame if we couldn’t help our students out at a time like this. We have hence, decided to put importance on convenience alongside the curriculum with benefits like

  • Ace faculty imparting education for more than 7-10 years
  • Faculty dedicated to help you achieve exceptional performances and noteworthy results
  • Facilities provided for projector classes, pen drive classes, and backup classes
  • Provision of Video Lectures with flexible scheduling that works around the student’s busy routine, allowing exclusive morning, evening, and even weekend batches.



With two simple fields to chose from, it is not a very hard decision to make when it comes to deciding you career.

Stars of OUR Galaxy

There are a lot of stars in our galaxy and this page is too small to
list even the tiniest fraction. So we picked just a few to let them twinkle here!

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